Walking with the Wise II

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Paperback: 317 pages
Publisher: Mentors Publishing (January 1, 2004)
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ISBN-13: 978-0972987523
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Do you want your life to be fun? Would you like it to be customized? Would you like to discover a trail or a road that is easy to follow? If this is the case, then you need to create your own map. Don’t be foolish! Learn from other people’s experience. Michael Lynton stated. “One person, thinking differently, can turn conventional wisdom on its head”


Learning from babies – one step at a time

We entered the world first as babies. Let’s look at what babies do: they crawl, they walk, they fall down .. .they learn from their experiences before they begin again. You too must crawl, walk, fall down, and learn from your experiences before you can acquire the results you desire

So what’s new? You are changing. In fact, change and learning to live with change is everything. Yes, you are i n control of your destiny. A new concept is born, to shorten your path with better answers so you can keep your sanity. Why? So you will not forget to learn and apply what you have learned, one little baby step at a time.

It is not what you say but how you say it to yourself that will express the real you . If you are willing to take one baby step at a lime, learn from your experiences and make connections.YOU are going to have one fulfilled life.If you take these tiny little steps you are going to be flying, jumping, hopping and skipping to where you• need to be. Hey! Love what you do and the fortunes, the successes, the money and the ultimate will arrive.

Your ideas are big and you do have a place to go – so listen up! Life i s better when you have a short- cu t to your goals. Influence yourself to be the best you can. Gel psyched about you r future. Double dare yourself to be the best you can be. Stop shooting in the dark and let people know you exist. Everything is one baby step at a time.


Preparation- physically,mentally,spiritually and financially

Yes, you really do know all the answers. But a simple little tool was created to shorten your path,
one step at a time. Itis an equation all can follow. If followed, PREPARE to add sizzle to your life.Prepare
so you won’t be just a face in the crowd. PREPARE! It is your words, your actions, and your decisions that give
you POWER.

It is NEVER too late. I do not care how old you are. I do not care how sick you are. I do not care how handicapped you are. But, this I do want you to know: THIS IS YOUR YEAR! Stick to your resolutions and create. Grow rich physically, mentally,spiritually and financially.

Failure is no option. Hope is your weapon. You must always, continually, THINK physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. You must think as Napoleon Hill did to write Think and Grow Rich. You must think as Dottie Walters did to write peak and Grow Rich. You must think as Dan Poynter did to write Write and Grow Rich. Now we have Create and Grow Rich. Use these books to go where you want to go. And . ..I just remembered there is another book out there called Pray and Grow Rich!

You are you, and you know where you have been. You know your successes and failures -or should I say, learning experiences. You know the steps you should have taken and didn’t. You know you wanted instant gratification. You know you wanted lo show your parents, neighbors or friends that you had what it takes to make it BIG TIME! But none of this will happen if you do not have balance in your life. Moderation in all things will one day make you a success. Your health is your most precious gift. Many multi-millionaires would gladly give you all their money, all their properties, all their investments, all of their heirlooms, if you would give them your health.

Prove to yourself that the reality of your life is only a tool kit away to your REAMS. Play smart. Do what you need to do to gear yourself up to giving the best performance for an incredible value, again and again. This word of mouth advertising will have individuals, businesses and corporations coming to you again and again.
Start the REVOLUTION. Protect yourself like GOLD. Teach yourself to N ETWORK. Reach out your hands to others and make the first move. You cannot change your past – you can only learn from it. But you can change and move on to improving you r life. You must think physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. Make sure you get the maximum return on your personal investment.


You have the power you need

Throughout history, people have wanted POWER, trying to be number one and on top of the hill. Many people today could have this ingredient if they put their knowledge into action. It all starts with one baby step at a time. You have to move slowly to prosper and harvest. All good things take much time to accomplish. Start planting the good seeds of prosperity and watch them grow.

The difficult part is figuring out how to take a person ‘s dreams and turn them into reality. One must know why they want something. They must recognize their own weaknesses and strengths. This is why you must know what you really can do, what results you expect and the effort you are willing to put forth. Your must know yourself in order to have the POWER you need, when you need it.

You must make the hidden obvious. You must maximize your knowledge to bring out your fullest potential, one little step at a time. Tell your story by making your DREAM work for you. Knowledge, courage and direction are just a few steps away to your POWER. You must get the most out of your life if you want to feel satisfied. If you are going to be satisfied, you have to remember all those dreams – those things you always said you would do. This may be your last call! You may not be given another chance. You have no alternative. YOU have to prove to yourself while you are alive that you can have a LOVE affair with LIFE by doing what your heart tells you to do.


The key to a productive life

By failing, we learn. It is our failures that make us and take us to our highest potentials. By learning from our failures and combining that with action, you are on your way to success. The true secret, formula, or equation to SUCCESS – whether you are a businessman , artist, author, or scientist is that you have a sense of purpose and you live your dream. The people who live their dream have a happy and productive life. They also work on themselves daily and are continually striving for improvement in every aspect of their life. These habits are POWERFUL tools that were developed one baby step at a time! For you to use your power tools, you too will have to take the baby steps that lead to reaching your full potential.

Everything in life that is PRODUCTIVE starts with baby steps. In my youth, I was blessed with negative thinking, inferiority complexes, the label of a “slow learner,” remedial classes and dyslexia – reversing my words, letters and numbers. I say I was “blessed” because I learned to eliminate these bad habits and replace them with positives. I am not perfect. I still have areas in my life I’m working on, just as we all will until the day we leave this wonderful world. The greatest secret -if there is a secret -is learning to use our time wisely and striving to overcome in all areas of life. As Lawrence Olivier said, “Use your weaknesses; aspire to strength.”

Yes, POWER , SUCCESS, and FORTUNE can fall upon you if you are willing to take the baby steps necessary for fulfillment. You must find out what it is that most people want and find a way to help them get it. You must help them solve their problems by making their lives easier, simpler, and happier.


The journey to greatness

When you have conditioned yourself to take baby steps in every area of your life, soon you will be skipping, running, jumping, and playing with the energy of youth. Why? Because you will have rediscovered the way you were created to learn: one little small baby step at a time.

Baby steps will take you to heights that are far beyond your dreams. They w ill put youon a trail to GRAETNESS. You can be a hero or a villain on the stage of your life. It’s all up to you. Self-knowledge is the key to your future, success, or GRAETNESS. It’s okay for you to act now on the way to a healthier, happier, more peaceful you. There are no accidents. We are here to help one another, so please learn t o ser ve give, change and help those who are need with purpose.

Do you love enough to provide a service to help others? Are you willing to spend years developing your skills and talents without pay? Are you willing to share your expertise for free until you are an expert? If so, you are well on your way to greatness. T urn your life into a masterpiece, one little baby step at a time. You are your own artist. You are your own brushes. You are your own colors. You are the star of your life. It’s up to you to take the necessary baby steps to turn your life into a MASTERPIECE!


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