The Festival of Books is an annual event that celebrates books, authors, and the joy of reading. It is typically held in a designated location, such as a park, convention center, or university campus, and usually lasts for one or two days.

APRIL 23-24, 2022

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books • University of Southern California


Jan Cooper invites you to his book signing event at the upcoming Los Angeles Times Book Festival on April 23-24, 2023. If you’re a fellow book enthusiast, I believe you would enjoy meeting the author and learning more about his latest work.

The event will take place at Los Angeles and will feature a reading, Q&A session, photo taking, and book signing. Jan Cooper is excited to see you and would love for you to join him.


Book signing events are a great way for readers to connect with their favorite authors and to get a personalized copy of their book. They also provide an opportunity for authors to meet their fans, promote their work, and gain new readers.

December 27, 2018

Dr. Jan Cooper Drawing Event.


During the holiday season, Jan Cooper held a drawing/coloring event at the suburbs. The event was a huge success and was attended by many enthusiastic kids artists and art lovers. Participants were able to showcase their skills through putting colors on the author’s drawings.

Overall, it was a great opportunity for everyone to come together and appreciate the beauty of art. 


A Drawing/Coloring event is when the author discuss their inspirations, techniques, and other aspects of their art and writing. The event can be a fun and interactive way for enthusiastic readers to connect with their favorite authors and gain insight into their creative process.

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